Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Nudey Pics – Love your sexy self ladies!

Oh yeah, adult content coming up!  You’ve been warned.

Recently, I went with a friend who was getting boudoir photos taken for her husband as a gift.  Confused?  Click here for a Google Image search results page.  Basically, sexy pictures ranging from lingerie, to themes, to covered nudes, to full nudes. 

Scandalous right?  But what could be more green, more natural  than nudity?  And what a fun, sexy gift for a spouse/significant other!  So I figure I can blog now, about appreciating the naked human form. 

I will first confess that I had boudoir photos taken and bound in a little book for Doc as a wedding gift.  What a confidence boost they were!  And when my friend had hers done, I thought “Wow, she looks beautiful.  Women are beautiful!”  We really are!  I know that we all have body image issues at times, but we are amazing despite our lack of confidence.

We find little nit-picky things.  Our ass is too big, are boobs are too small, we have scars, stretch-marks, acne, fat, whatever!  We don’t take in the whole picture.  I like to think of it as viewing ourselves without our glasses on.  Kind of seeing ourselves slightly fuzzy so we can’t focus on the bad stuff.

I personally struggle with my image right now because I zero in on stretch marks and cower.  However, I know that I am beautiful, despite them. 

So I am challenging you.  All of you.  Stand in front of a mirror, naked. Find things you like about yourself.  Admire how amazing (and dare I say SEXY) you are!  Be proud!


  1. You know, body image or not, I'm not sure I could ever get pics like that done. I don't even like pics of me in my bathing suit. But I always think I look like a cow. It doesn't help when some people who will remain nameless like to point out that I've gained weight. Most people wouldn't guess I weigh what I do. Because before the baby, I knew how to dress my body. I didn't try to wear clothes that were too big or too small. But now, there's that belly. And well it isn't going away anytime soon :). Maybe next year!

  2. Thank you so much! I was totally self conscious about doing those pictures, but it was really the best thing I have ever done for myself! Hubby liked it too :) It has totally changed my perspective on my own body and has given me the confidence to continue to take care of my body! YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL