Thursday, June 17, 2010

Need Suggestions

Ok readers, I need your help.  The time has come to dispose of the candle we burn in honor of our little one who never made it to her birth.  We are finally ready to let her go and managed to get the candle off the mantle a few weeks ago.  The question is now, what should we do with it?  I can't just throw it in the trash so I need a better idea.  Midsummer is Monday, and it's an important holiday for Doc and I, so I'd like to dispose of it then.  I need suggestions of what I can do with it that avoids tossing it in the waste basket.

1 comment:

  1. Well, to me, I would think that burying it would be the thing to do. However, two things come to mind immediately. One: You need to bury it somewhere special to you, as the candle is special to you! It doesn't make sense to just put the candle anywhere. Two: Is it going to be a problem to bury a candle? For instance, is it not biodegradable and is that something you don't want to worry about?

    The other things I can think of will make it a keepsake, and I'm pretty sure that is not what you want to do. So, much like those who are important to us who pass away, you should give her candle to the earth. And, again, the beauty of this is that you can pick where to put the candle and that should be some place you love.