Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Thoughts on Feminism

Feminism.  It’s a loaded word.  But recently, while watching a show on VH1 called “Dad Camp”, I became infuriated.  To me, Feminism is about equality.  Equality for men and for women.  I do not want superiority or preference to men. 

The show “Dad Camp” follows the premise that these couples are expecting their first child.  The Dads are all presented as party-crazy self-centered out-of-touch losers.  The Moms are all fed up with their boyfriend’s behavior.  This is understandable.  However I highly objected to the tactics used.

The second episode showed the men being forced to sell their most valuable possessions to have money for the baby at extreme discount.  One father was forced to sell all of his snowboarding gear, his favorite hobby, for less than half of it’s worth.  He did so without complaining.

Here is my objection.

Where was the mother’s stuff?  What is the mother going to part with?  I understand the idea that mothers give up a lot to become parents.  We give up our figures (at least for a while), several habits, and a lot of time.  BUT, I want equality.  I would never tell my husband to sell all of his stuff without offering to sell some of mine as well, especially if it was his favorite pastime. 

My husband and I strive to be equal in our relationship.  He sacrificed his only vacation to stay at home with our daughter so I could finish school and graduate.  I have sacrificed many desires of mine so Doc could go to medical school. 

What do you strive for?  Some couples have traditional marriages.  Some couples are controlled by the women.  Some try to be equal.  Do you feel we are shifting towards more equal couples?


  1. All for equality. In fact, Steve tries really hard to include me in every decision even when I tell him I don't care. But of course, then there's the fact that he works and I don't. Really, that was my choice more than his, but he supported me in that decision anyway.

  2. I sure hope so. As a military wife, I know that my career will never be the one that runs our long as we're in the AF. But I choose that willingly and happily. At the same time, if being a pilot in the military wasn't what it is, my husband would gladly follow me anywhere I wanted to go. This is our plan for after the AF! MY job will dictate our place of residence and he will find something nearby like I have and will for the next ten years. Marriage is a give and take. I know equality means something different to a lot of people, but honestly, as long as both people are happy and doing what they want and have a plan they are both happy with for the future...that's what really counts in my book. :)