Monday, June 21, 2010

Nature Love 2

“My pew is a patio swing,

My service the setting sun.

I am guided by a clergy of experiences

and the hymns of fiddling crickets.

Rivers course and thunder claps

and the flavors of air linger.

My sanctuary is the open sky,

My prayers, reverent thanks.”

                                        -Midsummer, 2010
illinoisWe spent the weekend in the water.  We rafted along the Illinois River and then spent the next day swimming in the lake.  I caught and released a perch with a fly rod.  We basked in too much sun.  It was incredible!illinois2   We had a blast with our friends too.  It was our first time away from our darling baby girl, but we enjoyed the time.  I can honestly say that I felt refreshed and rejuvenated by the time spent out of doors.  We also managed to finally take a step I was terrified I would never really be able to make.
Our darling child who never saw life – how we will always love you – we let your candle go.  We know you have moved on and we are ready to release you so you may be at peace.  The candle we burned in your memory burned for the last time Friday, and Saturday, we set it into the current of the Illinois River.  May you be at peace, wherever you are.

I am blessed to have such a beautiful world to live in and to show my daughter.  I am in love with Doc.  Completely and unabashedly in love!  Thank you mother earth for providing me with such fulfillment in family, friends, and sunshine.

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