Sunday, June 6, 2010

Cleaning Cloth Diapers

I figured I would address some of the fun questions people ask me about cloth diapering.  How do you clean them?  Do they really get clean?  Is it a huge hassle?  What do you do with dirty ones?  Here are the answers:

What do you do with dirty diapers?:
Dirty diapers go in a diaper pail in what is called a wet bag.  These bags have a coating material on the inside that prevents leaking of icky fluids through them.
The wet bag we use is purple as you can see in this picture.  It has elastic in the top so it stretches over a trash can and you can just throw the diapers in.  Diaper covers that get dirty can go in with the dirty diapers as well if you want to wash them with your cloth.

Is it a huge hassle?:
IMG_1552You decide, here is how you clean cloth diapers.  You first take all of the diapers in your pail and dump them into the washing machine.  Wash the diapers on cold with a soak/2nd rinse cycle.  Put your normal detergent in  IMG_1551with these diapers.     Next you wash them again by adding detergent like you normally would and setting the washing machine to do a hot wash. 
These two cycles get the diapers extremely clean!  Afterwards you can just pop them into the dryer and you’re done! 
Diaper covers don’t go in the dryer.  You can just hang them up to dry.

Do they really get clean?:
Yes they do!  Here is a before and after!
They come out without any clue of previous violation.  Once diapers hold the stains, it’s time to bleach.  You are supposed to bleach diapers once a month, but we find that we don’t need to bleach them quite that often.

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