Saturday, August 6, 2011

PSO and City Water

PSO is suggesting that rolling blackouts may be necessary to combat the high energy usage of everyone trying to keep their homes cool in this heat.  The city is worried that rationing of water might be a reality very soon.


Some of my neighbors are watering their grass twice a day!  Now I understand watering flower beds, especially if you invested in some nice landscaping, but if you have lush green grass right now, think about what you are doing.

The city has asked that people reduce their watering to every other day – totally reasonable.

PSO has asked that we do such things as never set our thermostat below 80.  Well, that isn’t happening because pregnant doesn’t do well with that, but I do raise my thermostat up during the day to 78 and we turn it back down at night when everyone is here.

We water twice a week – just trying to keep the grass alive.

We’re trying to reduce what usage we can right now.

Which is nice, because we are trying to save what we can to make sure we can afford to pay for the care our little one will need when he gets here.  A teacher and an intern make enough to live comfortably for sure, but when you don’t know the extent of what your medical bills will be, it’s pretty darn scary – so anything we can save, we will save.

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