Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Never Been So Happy To Have A Nurse Call!

Because they call when tests are normal!

I think it was worth all of the horrible discomfort from the Amniocentesis to know that Rowan does NOT have Down Syndrome or any other DNA problems associated with heart deformities that they tested for.

He’s also 100% a boy, as if the giant thing between his legs didn’t make us feel confident enough at the ultrasound.

So, I have ever reason to believe that Hypoplastic Right Heart is what we are dealing with, and the only major obstacle we foresee.

So I’m off to create an Amazon Wish List!  He will only be able to use certain things in the NICU and with his scar/monitors, so we are holding off on buying much until we get a list of what he can use from the cardiologist/NICU staff.

I tell ya what, I have never been so damn excited to get a test result back.  First good news in a while and it feels great!

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