Monday, September 6, 2010

Running Its Course…

Babies get colds.  Babies at daycare get colds.  Teething babies get colds.  Our outdoor adventure plans for labor day weekend were put on hold this weekend because Evelyn has colds, and has one right now.

A baby is very limited in medication they can take for colds and even more limited if their momma is paranoid about medicating things.

So here are some “green” and “organic” ways to help children/yourselves through a cold!

Encourage good drainage:

Drainage stinks to experience, but is essential to clearing baby colds out and helping them feel better.  Evelyn is napping in her stroller or car-seat more right now so that the mucus can drain from her head and she will feel less miserable when she is awake.

Encourage drinking:

If she wants to nurse 8 times a day, she can nurse 8 times a day.  Fluids help us get better, and they help baby too.  I have been offering her warm water and juice as well, but with a stuffy nose drinking for too long is not interesting right now.  She also hasn’t been eating quite as much food, which is fine as long as she doesn’t refuse to eat altogether.


Humidifiers and steamed rooms help a ton to loosen that mucus and move it on out!  I will run the shower to steam up the bathroom and we have steam room playtime!  Note: don’t let baby get too hot, especially if they are already running a fever.

If All Else Fails, Show ‘Em the Love!

Evelyn is normally pretty independent during playtime, but for the next few days, if she wants to be held all day, I’m holding her.  Sometimes, you are just sick and miserable and nothing really helps.  If holding her can help her relax even a little bit or even just feel a little bit better, at least I can do something!


A cold doesn’t mean you have to take your baby to a pediatrician.  It is stressful and scary as a mom to watch it, but knowing when it becomes a real issue is important.  If your baby has:

A fever, coughs up blood, struggles to breath, turns blue in the lips, refuses to eat or drink, stops peeing/pooping, is extremely lethargic, etc. take them in!  This is not an all-inclusive list and you know your baby best.  If there is something that really concerns you and is out of the ordinary, it is worth calling about.  However, if your baby just has a snotty nose and coughs a little bit, is cranky, eats less, but still plays, giggles, smiles, and gets into things…you’re probably okay to wait it out.

IMG_2034Even with her runny nose, Evelyn is up and around! 

Tip*: If you are concerned, try calling a nurse line before you take your kiddo in.  Most clinics have one if you are a current patient and even some insurance companies provide them.

Sick Mommy Note: Breastfeeding means that I cannot take most things for this cold either, so she and I are in the same boat.  I’ve been saturating myself with hot water/tea/peppermint.  Allergies are not helping, but who can really be THAT upset with the weather we’re having?  It’s beautiful out.  Cold or no cold.

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