Saturday, September 25, 2010

Nature Love: Fall in Love with Animals

Animals are one of the coolest parts of nature.  I remember camping with my family when I was a kid and being amazed when I saw animals in the wild.  Despite my lack of any zoology training, I know a lot of random facts about hundreds of animals (just ask my 83 students).  So on the first beautiful weekend in fall, you bet we went to the zoo!


We rode the train, which is Little Bird’s favorite new thing to do!  She loves riding with Doc and rocking back and forth while the train chug-a-chug-a-choo-choos around the zoo.

We decided to show up pretty early at the zoo.  Lucky for us, the penguins were very playful!  Here is Little Bird holding her hand up to the penguin whose beak is touching the glass.  Pretty cool! 


We were visited by three of the penguins and they hopped and waddled around just like the ones in Mary Poppins! Also, Little Bird is as tall as an African Penguin.



Evelyn walked around the penguin enclosure and looked in all the windows.  She watched them waddle and swim! What a different from a few months ago where she just rode in the stroller the entire time.IMG_2113

It was a day of wonder for her, and a day full of excitement for Doc and I.  We felt such joy watching her explore. Also, we were treated to a spectacle as the baby chimps played right next to the glass and the cheetah was walking around near the fence.  It was a beautiful day full of fun for Doc, Evelyn, myself, and Aunt Madison who came along too!

But the absolute best part, was walking around the zoo with our precious little one.  Our playful angel. Life is beautiful.


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