Sunday, September 12, 2010

Organizing Odds and Ends: Keys


If you are like me at all, your purse gets messy CRAZY fast and your counter/table is cluttered by all the crap you throw on it…like your keys.

Real Simple is one of my favorite magazines.  It has great ideas for meals, organizing, etc. and one of the recent issues talked about ways to organized based on whether you are right or left brained.

One point they made was that right-brained people (like me) don’t do well with storage that isn’t where we throw things.  For example, I throw my keys on the table right inside our door.  I do NOT take them into the living room and put them in a box.  This wouldn’t be a big deal except I throw EVERYTHING on that table or under it when I come in the door with Evelyn.

So they had this ingenious solution!  Put your organizers where you throw things, and for those right-brained people – make it artsy.

Great advice!  So the above picture is my new key holder.  I bought a collage picture frame, then removed the glass from two photo slots and replaced it with cork board I cut with an exacto-knife.  Add a bumblebee pendant I had in my jewelry box and all of the leftover keys that don’t go anywhere and now we have a functional storage device that looks cool and has a personal touch.  Plus, I actually use it!

De-cluttering is a new endeavor of mine.  I’m trying to simplify my life.  Little things used to fill me with joy and make me happy and now I have so much going on I am too distracted to notice.  Plus, I don’t think it should ever take more than 5 minutes to tidy-up a room, and we are definitely past the 5 minute limit.

So here’s to organizational tools that bring you back to that zen place of happiness you know and love!


  1. Let me know how that goes. I want to be that person who "lives in a magazine" as Hubby puts it. I just think "those people" have figured out the secret!

  2. That is super cute! Great idea too, maybe when we move we will do something like that too!