Friday, September 17, 2010

Family Tree

Lately, I have been working on trying to incorporate family into Evelyn’s life.  She is so blessed to have TWO of her aunts and one set of grandparents living in the same town.  She gets to see them several times a week and I love that she will know them well growing up.

But she has such an amazing extended family outside of the ones that live here.  I want her to know about them.  I want her to recognize their faces.

One thing I have decided to build and work on is a family tree.


There are many WONDERFUL wall decal trees you can purchase!  You can also paint your own tree on a wall (if you aren’t renting).  I chose a tree that I purchased from a store to put on the wall.  It looks glossy in the photo, but in person in looks matte.

The tree is awesome!  It completely matches the quilt that Color Crazy has been working on.  But what I love most about this tree is the extension I have planned.

There is already one picture in Evelyn’s “Family Tree”.  This is a beautiful family portrait of the Fowler Clan that was taken in May. 


I plan to cover the area near the tree with pictures of different sizes of Evelyn’s family.  I want her to know their faces and see that they are connected to her everyday, even if her Aunt Diane and Uncle Scott, cousin Isa, Uncle Matt and Aunt Trisha, cousin Jake, Uncle Michael, and Grandparents Fowler cannot see her everyday, she can see their faces and know that they are an important part of what made her parents who they are and mean something very special to us.

Also, note the cardinal on the photograph!  Little birds everywhere :)


  1. I love that decal! I saw it at the Babies R Us the other day. You've come up with some great ideas!

  2. I love that family portrait! Such a beautiful photo of everybody! I'd like to get a photo of all of us someday after Jake is born, too!

  3. The quilt is in the process!!! Ran out of thread 1/3 of the way through. I do see the light at the end of the tunnel!

  4. What a wonderful idea! I am impressed that you are still being creative within your own home while governing a classroom full time. You are awesome!