Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Underwear on the Line...

So I'm doing laundry this morning and as I'm hanging up some of my panties on the line, I remember my 9 year old sister's giggling remarks about how embarassing hanging up your underwear must be. Not because there is anything wrong with my underwear. No. Because the neighbors might see over the backyard fence! Or someone might walk around my house while they are walking their dog and see! I've never really understood the fear of people seeing clothing you wear. Don't they normally wear underwear too? Maybe they will be jealous of how cute my "unmentionables" are.

You'd think it would be affirming for them, in case they worried that maybe you free-birded too often or didn't wear a bra. For those terrified neighbors, they could count my undies for each day since laundry to make sure I'd been properly concealed for the last week and feel safer.

So now I've decided to do something that is sure to make neighbors uncomfortable, just to see if any of them peak. I'm going to hang all of my lingerie out on the line this coming Sunday. That's right church goers, I'm targeting you :) We will see if anyone comments.

1 comment:

  1. ROFL Lingerie bombing huh? Scary!!! You non christian how dare you! I am not a fan of the idea of underwear out on the line either... but I think its the opposite of why you are so comfy with it. My undies are not cute, some have wholes, and some are just plain boy undies (no not my DH)