Thursday, July 23, 2009

New Life Adjustments

There is nothing better than a new life coming to your family to motivate you to change your ways. It is much easier to start with a brand new life and follow a new lifestyle than to try to modify an existing one. We've thought a lot about what kind of a life we want our child to grow up in and what habits we want to be second nature for our children. Doc and I have been slowly developing a more "earth friendly" lifestyle. We recycle, and don't buy things that come in containers that can't be recycled. About two years ago, when we first got married, I bought cloth bags and decorated them so we don't use plastic grocery bags. So we feel like our waste consumption is getting under control now and we're moving on to the bigger overhauls. Here are my remaining goals to achieve before Ninja baby gets here.


1. Eat organic, local grown, preservative free foods only. No more processed foods or shipped meats. There are plenty of farmers markets and meat markets in Tulsa as well as whole food stores to make this possible, it just requires some more planning.

2. Nothing for baby that is made by babies! We want to start researching where we buy goods from such as clothing and try to buy from places that do not use sweat shops, starting with baby goods. This is going to be more challenging.

3. Add more outdoor activity to our lives. I would like for us to make park visits, wildlife reserves, nature museums, and other such places that encourage appreciation for life around us a normal part of family activity. Exercising indoors is great, but I would like for us to do more bike rides, hikes, and picnics with games when the weather permits.

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