Friday, July 24, 2009

Road Blocks and Detours

Money, money, money. It's all about the $$. "Going green" is often the more expensive option. I noticed this with laundry detergent. I'm almost out, went to buy more, and was once again amazed that the "green" option was more expensive by a lot, especially when you compared the amount of loads the detergent did. So....thanks to my friend Kendra, I was referred to the Duggar Family Website. You might know them from the TLC show "18 and Counting". Their website has recipes for laundry detergent and fabric softner, and all of the ingredients are eco-friendly! I'm having some trouble finding Borax...which suprised me, but next week I will definitely try making it. The Duggar's website predicts a $2 cost for 5 gallons of liquid detergent, so I'm excited to try this out!

Coming Up....

Tea Party with my friends, all organic and fair-trade teas, fresh local grown fruits, veggies, and other earthy snacks!

Sunday (hopefully):
Laundry Soap Making Day!

Paint Baby Room!


  1. Did you find some essential oils? What scent are you going with?

  2. I haven't yet, but I'm hoping to pick up some lavender. I love the scent and it's in a lot of other laundry detergents so I assume it will go well with the outdoor smell I get from the clothesline :)