Sunday, July 26, 2009

Early Friendly Tea Party

So yesterday was the big organic/fair-trade/locally grown if possible tea party.
Mission: Host a tea party using only fair-trade, organic, or locally grown products.
Mission Status: Relatively Accomplished!
Organic carrots and celery (not in season here yet, so not possible to get locally grown)
Organic and locally grown cucumbers
Whole wheat bread (non-processed)
Organic yogurt (used to make veggie dip by adding spices)
Non-processed cheese
Non-processed whole grain crackers
Organic fair-trade berry tea
Black tea, curtesy of Tazo (I added peach juice to flavor it from locally grown Porter Peachers).
Review: The bread was my biggest let down. I should have planned better about getting a hold of it. I will say though, the food tasted wonderful! Especially the veggies! Everything tasted fresh and full of flavor and I didn't end up spending more than I would have had I taken a junk food or non-organic approach! So I found it a great way to kick off my new life approach to eating well and supporting my local economy and farmers.
Looking Forward To: Meat. Where do I find local deli meat? What about thinks like summer sausage? Can I find an alternative?

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