Sunday, July 19, 2009

Lingerie on the Line

I did it! Success! Behold my overly offensive and yet...daringly adorable Sunday Morning Clothesline!!!! ...beware future brides...this may appear as your lingerie shower invitation, MWAH HA HA!

But seriously, my older neighbor who is in his 80s, Jim, was doing yardwork, saw me hanging up the line, and looked a bit confused, then went right back to work. He didn't even go get his wife to show her or anything. Oh well, cute picture at least :)


  1. i was driving down the street this afternoon, on my way to post sleeping in from church lunch, i was backyard snooping and noticed your overly offensive 'unspeakables' waving in the wind. I must say that I was so offended by the colorful arrangement of adorable yet daring clothing that i pulled over cried and said a little prayer that maybe i too would have a clothline full of hilariously questionable hangings one day!

  2. First, LOL at Brooke. Second, I had to cut out any sugar I ate about 7 o'clock at night to make sure Wyatt didn't get to hyped up at night so I could sleep. I usually went to bed about midnight. So no fruit or juice for at least 5 hours before i went to bed so I could sleep. However this did not always work, but it helped some.