Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Reason Over Sentiment

Last weekend, Doc and I went through all of Evelyn’s old clothes we had boxed up.  We went from 3 boxes and 2 bags to one small box of clothing we are keeping.

The rest is being donated.

I know many parents keep their children’s clothing for the next baby, BUT….

We don’t know when/if we’ll have more children.  By that point, who knows if it will be another girl or the same time of year, or if we’ll even want to put that child in the same clothing, or buy clothing that is softer material, etc.  We received a lot of very thoughtful gifts that Evelyn was never able to wear or that just really were not practical for our use.  Doc and I feel that despite the attachment we feel to a lot of Evelyn’s things, it makes more sense to donate her old things so that someone else can use them and benefit from them instead of the clothing sitting in a box in storage.

We kept a few things that were unisex or items we were very attached to, but the rest is off to Goodwill.

I kind of consider this a part of my “green” mommy-ing.  No sense keeping what we aren’t using when someone who needs it could be benefitted, especially now with so many families struggling to provide for their children.


  1. Wow... brave of a new momma!

  2. Hey, I just happened across your blog and wanted to thank you for your donation on behalf of all of us at Goodwill Industries International.

    It's sometimes hard to part with things like this, but you can rest assured that the clothes will go to the people who need them. The money we make from the sale of those clothes will also help fund our job training, career placement and other programs that can have an impact for generations to come.

    Thanks, again, for your donation!

    - Cody Switzer
    Goodwill Industries International

  3. Amen! I have donated so much of even my own clothing recently because there was so much of it that I didn't use thy I knew someone else would use. Not donating your unwanted clothing is kind of selfish really. What else would you do with it? And "throw it away" is not an acceptable answer :)!