Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Pity Parties

I have been throwing these a lot lately. 

        “Wah I have so many responsibilities!

                 Wah, Doc is away again!

                         Wah, I haven’t slept in a year…”





I’m over it.  I’m sick of my own inner monologue.  I’ve been trying to stay positive, but that inner monologue just won’t shut up.

A few of you may know my messages on the mirror trick.  I’ve used it before when such periods in my life have led me to be a less than positive person.  Like now, when despite all the awesomeness in my life, I revert to teenage angst.


Truth is, we can all find plenty to whine and complain about.

Truth is, it’s not sexy.  It’s not attractive.  AND beyond the occasional vent (which has merit) it’s not healthy.

So I’m using my technique once again.

I love mantras.  I love dry erase markers.

My mirror will now read:

I am a young, sexy, wife, mama, pencil-skirt and stiletto wearing, tree-hugging bad ass – and bad asses don’t whine.

So that is message to you, my friendly readers, for the week.  Be bad asses.  Find what it is about yourself that you are proud of and remind yourself how incredible you are!  You are awesome!  Every single 20 of you!  AWESOME!  Bumps may appear in the road, but you are a sports car who handles them with finesse and pizzazz!  Be PIZZAZZY!

What will you write on your mirror?


  1. I think that my post it would say, "No matter how hard you think it gets, you have a beautiful family and they love you unconditionally. That's what matters!"

  2. Can mine me... People are stupid, its not you? Or... is this complaining? hehe

  3. haha your post reads similar to mine!!! mine would need to say "those who matter don't mind and those who mind don't matter!"