Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Letting Go

Sometimes you have to let go of things that are important to you.  Today, my little bird and I said goodbye to cloth diapering for good.  DHS will not allow the day care to cloth diaper and with the minimal amount of time we are at home right now it does not make sense anymore.  So I boxed up the washed, bleached, and boxed up the cloth diapers, covers, and pins. 

Alas, all is not lost!  The old diaper pail and wet bag are now our recycling receptacle!  Wahoo!  I’m sad to let go of cloth diapering, but I’m willing to admit that green alternatives are not always reasonable and I can’t do anything about DHS regulations.  So I’m ready to be okay with disposables and move on.

Also, Evelyn has been eating only food I prepared for her.  No preservatives and no foods that contain common allergens!  Well, today at daycare she decided she wanted waffles, bananas, pasta, beef, broccoli and cheese.  Hard to argue with a child who decides she is done eating the food you made and ready to move on to other foods.  There is a giant part of me that is so sad to see how fast she is growing up.  My little lady is in such a hurry to see the world…which shouldn’t surprise me.  She’s got my DNA ;)

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