Saturday, August 7, 2010

Energy Efficient

I love being a mom. I love my daughter.  I am so excited to be able to make her food for her, still be breastfeeding (6 month goal has turned into 1 year), take her on adventures, play with her, sing to her, etc.  Since she is in child care during the week now, I certainly milk the time I get with her for all it is worth. 

I love being my husband’s partner.  The times we do share together I look forward to and saver as long as I can.  Right now our schedules are opposite.  He leaves for work when I get home, I go to work before he comes back.  When we do see each other, he is so tired we don’t really get to talk or share our enjoy one another.  It’s draining to have someone who means so much to you feel so far away.  I am incredibly thankful that we got to spend the day together today (with Doc napping here or there).

I love teaching and I am so excited to be starting the school year.

Truth is, I am so exhausted right now.  Just from 1 week of work (which I love), I am finding that being mom, wife, and Mrs. Fowler is so energy draining!  It’s true when they say there is no rest for the weary.  Wondering what the day of a working momma looks like?

My Work Day Schedule

5:00 AM – Get up, shower pump, get dressed

6:30 AM – Get Evelyn up, get her dressed and packed.

6:45 AM – Load up car, leave for work.  Stop to pick up little cup of coffee and snack.

7:00 AM – Drop Evelyn off at Daycare

7:10 AM  - Arrive at work.  Work butt off trying to get everything ready and coordinated until 3:30

3:30 PM – Pick Evelyn Up from Daycare

3:45 PM – Arrive home, take A.C.E. outside, snack time for Evelyn, prep for dinner.

4:00 PM – Laundry/pick up time with Evelyn

4:30 PM –  Start cooking/music time with Evelyn

5:00 PM – Dinner for Evelyn and myself

5:30 PM – Clean up kitchen, floor play time with Evelyn, reading time

6:30 PM – Bath Time

7:00 PM – Start Evelyn’s bedtime rituals (walking with music, bottle, then singing time, then bed)

7:45 PM – Start “take home” school work, finish laundry, relax for a little while.

9:00 PM - bedtime

So I need to figure out someway to get my energy up!  Adding sleep isn’t an option, and as I am still nursing, caffeine is a limited resource.  Any suggestions out there?

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  1. i used to get up an hour early to do yoga before school...amazing energy! but it seems that it would be more beneficial for you to do this after you get home? Its like a 20-25 min workout? its not rigorous enough to wear you out, just enough to give you an extra boost of energy to finish your day. Good luck sweetheart! I am so proud of you already!