Tuesday, August 3, 2010

I Can Teach My Child Genius!

Through my sister-in-law's blog, I found a blog that I am now in love with!  I Can Teach My Child is a blog that is definitely worth checking out whether you are a mom or thinking you might be one day…or even if you have a friend who is.  Just check it out!
Anyway, one of the coolest things this woman blogged about are Ziploc Books.  They are the coolest thing.  Essentially, you make a book your child can chew on out of pictures!  So I am making the one she recommended for Evelyn.  There is a set of pictures for Evelyn’s “Parts of My Body” Book.
I had been talking with Doc about wanting to have Evelyn around all of her family more.  I have siblings that live out of town and all of Doc’s family lives outside of Tulsa.  So what better way to expose Evelyn to her family everyday than a book with pictures of them!! 
So now I am going to construct these two books for Evelyn.  She’ll get to see pictures and typed names of her body parts to help her learn words and her family so that she doesn’t forget them. 

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  1. I loved the idea too! However, these books are not safe for babies to chew on. Major choke hazard. Infants can very easily bite off pieces of plastic and choke. An alternative, which is what I'm doing because I love the idea is I've taken my pictures and I'm having them laminated (instead of bagging) before binding them together. Ziploc bags will be ideal once they're a little older. I purchased a Bright Stars picture teething book for Isa which is safe for her to chew on and she simply loves it.