Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Cloth Diapers and Baby Wearing

Evelyn switched to cloth diapers during the day yesterday. She wears disposables at night because cloth will make them feel when they are wet and wake them up. When she gets to the point of sleeping through the night we will consider converting to all day cloth diapering and only use disposables for trips. I actually think she likes them better. She wouldn't ever let us know she was wet with disposables because they are almost too absorbent. Now, she knows as soon as she needs to be changed. So far, the "hastle" isn't bad at all. I'm washing my first load of cloth diapers today though, so I'll let you know how that goes.

Also, BABYWEARING IS AWESOME! I made a ring sling (google if this confuses you) a while back and we couldn't figure out how to put Evelyn in it because she is so tiny and the sling swallowed her! Thanks to some help from the Green Parenting Board on What To Expect's website, I got some helpful advice from other hippie mommas. Apparently newborns go in backwards from the way pictures show them. Now, she's happily bouncing around the house with me and I'm actually getting stuff done.

Also, started nursing again. I try to nurse for two feedings and bottle fed one to get my body used to nursing again. So far, success! She is still latching (even if it takes some work) and I think we'll get the hang of this!

Next time: My review of "Yoga for Baby", a momma and baby yoga video Parents Magazine makes that Bethany got me and Evelyn and I'm super excited about! Apparently some of the poses help babies with digestion, and I'm rapidly learning how helpful that could be!

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  1. i love reading about your adventures as a mommy. i hope the breastfeeding thing gets easier for you. i can only imagine how painful that could be. i'm proud of you for reaching your goals hippie momma.