Sunday, December 6, 2009

Green For Christmas

Ok, so wrapping paper is beautiful. It's my favorite actually. I love wrapping presents, but every year we throw away TONS of trashbags of wrapping paper. I have decided on an alternative. I'm thinking of a few different options.

#1: Paper sacks: These are recyclable, and if you use pretty ribbon with them, aren't that horrible to look at.

#2: Cloth sacks: Using Christmas fabrics, I can make little festive bags that are different sizes are reusable every year. This would be nice because they are reusable, but I don't want to give gifts to people and ask for the bag back.

#3: Gift bags: I know a lot of people already use these, but I've always been sort of opposed because you still have to use tissue paper. Maybe you could use newspaper instead and recycle it?

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