Monday, December 28, 2009


Okay, so Evelyn is officially here, and I think that means it's time to go over my goal list and see how we stand! Success will be counted on a scale of 1-5, 1 being FAIL, 2 being BARELY ANY IMPROVEMENT, 3 will be AVERAGE IMPROVEMENT, 4 will be EXCELLENT, and 5 will be SUPER HIPPIE!

Goal #1: Eat Organic, Local grown foods
Score: 4
We definitely buy organic produce, hormone free milk, made in Oklahoma products, and are doing great there. However, I haven't been going to the meat market for organic, hormone free meats as often as I would like, and I may have cooked a few freezer meals right after baby got here thanks to my lack of preparation with regards to cook and freeze before she got here.

Goal #2: No things for baby made by babies
Score: 3
I knew this one was going to be hard, but thanks to and the EcoBaby store on Brookside, I am happy to say that we have a local place to purchase toys, clothes, hygiene products, cloth diapering essentials, etc. that are all made out of organic materials and NOT made in sweat shops! We did pick up a lot of items from Babys R Us and Walmart, but we're hoping that we can finish out infant/toddler time without revisiting those places very often.

Goal #3: Spend more time outdoors
Score: 5
I walked at least a mile everyday until I gave birth and Doc and I have been enjoying more time outside together. Once it warms up enough for Evelyn to go out with us, we will try to do a daily family walk but I have complete faith that my goal of turning outside time into a habit has been achieved!

Now, time to reevaluate and set new goals for our family.

New Goal #1: Compete in a triatholon this spring.
New Goal #2: Race in the hotter n' hell 100 mile bike race in August
New Goal #3: Have family workout time at least 3 days a week once I am declared "recovered"

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