Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Baby Yoga from Parents Magazine

So my friend, Bethany, got Evelyn and I a DVD of momma and baby yoga that is put out by Parents Magazine. Having had only this magazine to read in waiting rooms at the OB for 9 months, I was excited about it. It has some great stretches for baby, but the lady who runs the video is absolutely WAY TOO SAPPY! She makes up all these little rhymes for the stretches that are adorable and kind of make me want to throw up.

Around the World Baby Stretch: press on head, pull on feet lightly, move one arm out, other arm out, both arms in, both arms out as you chant "North Pole, South Pole, East Coast, West, Inside, Outside, Baby you're the best!"....


I mean, I'm all about mantras. They got me through labor. I repeated "I can do this" for the last part of pushing to keep me going. I use them to manage my anxiety. I do not recite stupid rhymes about how I am the best to keep me going. I mean, she's a baby, she's not stupid. However, the stretches do actually seem to help her relax and sleep better and help with digestion as well. So I'll keep doing the stretches with her, but maybe find some mantras that aren't gag reflex triggers to use.


  1. Have you come up with any mantras? "Be Your Own women" "Think smart" I am not good at mantras obviously... but I love the idea of baby yoga. Actually I love the idea of Yoga... but I have to stick with my work out video's for month for the hubby to consider paying more money for me to quite something!

  2. I have my own that I like to use. "I am at peace" "I can only control my own thoughts and actions" "I am powerful and strong" "I deserve happiness" etc. For Evelyn, I like "You are safe. You are cared for. You are loved". I think I'm sticking with that one for her for a while.