Sunday, January 31, 2010

Cloth Diapering - Ask Away!

Ok, I now consider myself to be pretty savvy when it comes to straight up old fashioned cloth diapering.


I love it! I like them better than disposables for practicle use at home. Evelyn likes them better. I think they're more manageable than disposables AND they save a ton of money.

We're still using the disposables for when we leave the house because it would be hard to carry around all the extra stuff to cloth diaper away from home, but we might change that one day!

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  1. I really admire you for CDing. I really wanted to but got talked out of it in the end. I wish I hadn't.
    How many loads of laundry do you say you do a week of diapers, and how many diapers constitutes a load? Or do you use a service? And do they get stained or is there something you put on as a pretreatment to prevent stains?
    I have many more questions, but this is all I could think of right now!