Saturday, February 6, 2010

Need to hold off at least a few more months...

Ok - this is a post looking for options! Birth control options! I want an option that meets the following criteria:

1. Contain no hormone dosage
2. Allow me to start trying to get pregnant again as soon as I stop
3. Not inhibit the joy of sex
4. Allow me to have sex basically whenever I want to

For once, my fear of drugs is not hippie related. I've had some really bad effects from birth control pills and never found one that didn't make me sick, so I'm terrified of hormones of any kind. So far, condoms are the best we've come up with and they suck but I might have to just deal with it for a while.

I'm pretty much 100% positive that I want another baby ASAP....which means once I have a job and it's been long since Evelyn's birthday that my body is ready to handle pregnancy again. Being at my pre-pregnancy weight is a really good start though.


  1. Well, up until last week we were using condoms. I had looked into lots of different types though right after Wyatt. I considered IUD, but for the amount of time I would have wanted it, not too cost effective. So I decided as much as condoms suck, it was the best choice for us at the time. Now it doesn't really matter...

  2. hmm rhythm method is fairly unreliable, everyone knows pull out's a joke, birth control pills-the ring-the patch all use hormones, iud's can take a long freakin time to start getting pregnant again, the shot has high rates of infertility...condoms might be your best bet right now. have you tried different kinds? i think there's some more expensive hippie-prefered types that might not "suck" quite as much. good luck darling! i can't wait for you to have 2 babies for me to cuddle!

  3. Elle I know this is a little late, I was looking though some blogs and found yours. Brett and I use Natural family planning. It is not the rhythm method, but is somewhat similar and it is just as effective as the pill. It is all about knowing your body. You take your temperature every morning and chart other symptoms of fertility. As soon as you are ready to conceive you can look for your fertile day and most people conceive in 1-3 months. Brett and I use this because of our religious beliefs, but many of my friends have found it to really work for them because they don't want to use artificial birth control. If you have any questions please let me know. I love talking about it and letting people know there are better options out there.