Monday, August 31, 2009

Pure Birth Graduates!

Last night was Doc and I's last Pure Birth Class. We successfully completed all 8 classes together to help us prepare for the birth experience we want for ourselves and Evelyn. After reading research and discussing what our desires where we decided that a homebirth with a midwife was the best option for our family. Natural birth and homebirth are not something everyone chooses for themselves, and I have no issue with anyone who decides to take a different path than Doc and I have. Some people think I'm crazy for wanting to do this. I think the medical world is crazy for doing many of the things they still do in labor/delivery even when the science behind them proves they don't help and might even hurt the process. But hospitals are businesses...

I am considering having the birth filmed. I don't a video of Evelyn crowning, but I'd like it to be more educational. I want there to be film of the midwife preforming medical procedures (checking the fetal heart rate every now and then, checking dialation of the cervix, blood pressure and heart rate monitoring, etc) to show that there are safety measures in place, as well as to show other mothers/mothers-to-be considering this what a homebirth looks like more fully.

I'm not sure how interested my friends would be in seeing it, but I think my instructor from Pure Birth wouldn't mind having an additional resource and I might offer it up online to some of the natural birth friendly websites.

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