Friday, August 21, 2009

Guided Meditation

For those of you who don't know what guided meditation is, it's where you practice meditation while being guided by an outside source. For example, you can buy CD's with guided meditation sessions on them designed to help you reach a peace of mind about different subjects, such as healing the past, calming current worries, etc.

Generally I struggle with guided meditations a bit. There are some that tell you things like "now imagine that you are flying over a vast field toward a mountain" and the two year old in me makes me giggle at it. Regardless of the rediculous notions in guided meditations, I always end up crying during them. Not sobbing, but a slow running of tears type cry. I think it's because of the voice that guided meditation leaders use. It's very soothing and sympathetic, sort of like when you are upset about something and someone says "why are you about to cry?" in a grandmotherly way and you start bawling.

The last meditation I did that was guided was at birthing class with my husband. The expectant mothers were asked to meditate and relax and focus on taking this journey in our minds the CD would lead us through while our supporters helped us relax by slow stroking of our backs or holding us in a comforting embrace. It was a wonderful bonding experience for us and has peaked my interest in looking for guided meditations meant for couples to do together.

I'm still meditating the good old fashioned way. I am focusing on breath awareness and letting myself just be.

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