Friday, August 14, 2009

My Favorite Healthy Snacks

So I have been asked by a few friends what particular brands I have been buying that let me eat healthy and not break the here are a few of my favorite things all from Wal-mart.

Veggie Sticks and Ranch
Organic girl celery - celery is # 4 on "The Dirty Dozen" list of fruits and veggies most affected by pesticides which makes it one that I think is worth the extra buck to purchase.
Organic carrots - carrots are #11 on the list. There is only one brand of organic carrots available at my walmart, and they are delicious.
Hidden Valley Ranch Dip - the powder package you can buy. It's not super healthy when you make it as instructed by we can fix it!
Dannon All-Natural Non-Fat PLAIN Yogurt - DO NOT GET VANILLA! LoL. It will taste horrible. Mix the Hidden Valley Ranch Dip powder in with the tub of plain yogurt. I get the larger size of yogurt because it lasts a long time even with the ranch dip and it's hard to find plain yogurt in single serving sizes.

Cheese and Crackers
Kashi Tasty Little Crackers: Fire Roasted Vegetable - Ok, Kashi is amazing in general! BUT these little crackers are fabulous. They have a little bit of spice to them, no cholesterol, 2g of fiber and 3g of protein per serving. Kashi is an all whole grain product and they have no hydrogenated oils and are all natural!
Cheese - go to the deli at your walmart and look at the blocks of cheese they have in the refridgerated area. They have blocks of cheeses and you can pick from most of these. Just check to see if it is non-processed (no velveeta here!) and sounds yummy. There are smoked cheddars and smoked baby swiss that are my favorite. The smoked taste is amazing with the fire roasted crackers.
*HINT: slice your cheese slices really thin. You won't be as tempted to eat a lot if you have little amounts to go on each cracker!

The trick with nuts is to only eat a little! So DO NOT put these in a bowl out in the open where you can just eat them all day long and pay no attention to them! My favorite nuts are almonds and cashews. You can go to the nut section and pick out which ones you want. I think raw is better...but dry roasted are okay. Try to look for unsalted or unseasoned nuts though. All of the extra stuff makes them less healthy. Nuts are great for their protein and good fats, but you have to watch it or you'll eat the whole only happened once......

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