Monday, September 5, 2011

It’s Hard to Feel Sorry For Yourself

When you think of all the joy you have experienced in your life

Doc and I are working on putting together our second Adventure Book and Little Bird’s Year Two Book.  As we were looking through pictures over the last several years, both of us just could not escape a feeling of intense gratefulness.

How do you see pictures of every good adventure you’ve had and not feel like you have nothing to be sad about, nothing to worry about, and nothing to burden your mind?

We all have rough patches in life.  We all go through hardships and trials.  But those are such small matters when you look at everything you have experienced with people you love.  Just because we know when a rough patch will be coming with Rowan doesn’t mean that we won’t come out of it blessed like we have in the past.  It just means we have time to prepare.

My husband and I are more in love now than we were when we got married.  We are happier together than we knew possible.  My daughter is a joy – even when she’s teething.  We have a beautiful life we are building together.  I have no reason to feel sorry for myself or my family.  I have no reason to be sad.  So until life gives me a real reason, I’m choosing to smile at the beautiful weather, run outside and play with my daughter, and love the joyful moments my family has been blessed with right now.

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