Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The Family That Dines Together


Doc and were so excited that our first furniture purchase together has finally happened!  We eat dinner together every night Doc is home at our dining room table.  On nights he has call or is working, we try to take him dinner and visit him at the call room (not as sexy as Grey’s Anatomy tries to make it).  Eating meals together has been important to Doc and I since we got married, and now we spend at least 30 minutes eating a healthy home-cooked meal every night.

I am happy to say that after 6 years together and nearly 4 years of marriage, we have finally returned my family’s table to them and have our own.  It is “small” size in this photo but pulls out and has a leaf stored that makes the table easily comfortable for 8.  My favorite thing is the bench seat.  It’s perfect for a family full of kids, which we will one day be.  Little Bird LOVES the bench and sits there for meals.  It gives her a little more mobility without her getting up, and she’s less likely to tip it backward.  For our first and last major purchase for a good while, I think it was wonderful to get something that makes way for the future full of happy children we know is out there for us.  Hopefully happy, healthy children.

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