Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Whenever a new family forms, they bring old traditions from their old families, and they create new ones for the new clan they began. Us Fowlingtons have been blazing our own trail for two years as of today. I thought in honor of Doc and I's 2 year anniversary, I would share one of my favorite traditions we started.

Candles are used as symbols in most religions. In our little clan, we burn them in honor of something. For example, on Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day (Oct. 15th) we burned a candle we have for Adelaide, the daughter we lost last January. She has a deep red marble candle that smells like cinnamon and is perched atop our mantle. It rests next to her sister, the soon-to-be-arriving Evelyn's, whose is pale blue and smells like water lilies. On the other side is Doc's, an orange marble apricot scented candle, and then mine, a pale green tea scented candle. In the middle, sits our prize candle: the Unity Candle from our wedding day. The tall candle sits on it's silver stand with the brown and red ribbons from our wedding colors still wrapped around it's base. Every October 20th, this candle burns all day to honor the beginning of our clan.

As for the rest of the candles, each person's candle is burnt on their birthday and on significant days for that person. On the day Evelyn is born, every candle will be lit to celebrate and honor our growing clan. On the day I graduate, you can rest assured that my candle will burn brightly.

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  1. I love this idea and hope to begin something like this for my growing family. Thank you for sharing your tradition!