Monday, October 5, 2009

Local Stew

In celebration of Harvest time and the last Cherry Street Farmer's market of the season, I decided to make an all local, all organic stew! So here's how it went!

I bought some stew meat (beef) from the local/organic butcher. Browned it and threw it in the crock pot along with green beans, corn, potatoes, and tomatoes from the farmers market. I skinned the tomatoes (before my mother explained blanching to me) and diced them. Then added the other cut up veggies and a little salt, pepper, and garlic. Voila! The veggies crocked for about 7 hours on low and tasted unbelievable. The green beans still had a slight crunch (nothing soggy like you get from canned green beans) and the potatoes where soft and yum. Delicious! Completely healthy and completely local/organic!

Happy Harvest!
NOTE: The Cherry Street Market has ended, but Boston Avenue is starting their market next week! A new market! Exciting!

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