Monday, June 3, 2013

Off the Summer Bucket List: Renaissance Faire



The first day of June was a day I’d be really looking forward to.

In my middle school years, I went every year. My friends and I would dress up and caravan down to Muskogee where we would dance, eat, watch shows, and shop.

Now I’m “an adult” (yeah, I still feel a need to put that in quotes) and my sisters have hit their middle school years. So it seemed only fitting to share the tradition!

We ended up with two cars because 9 people would not fit in my mom’s van. Doc drove the other vehicle (and took the picture). The girls who travelled with us are long time family friends. Our families travelled to China together. We have always seen each other at least once a year for China Heritage Camp, but now that my family is back in Tulsa, we get to see more of these kiddos that I’ve always kind of viewed as nieces (except the ones I’m literally a sister to…I view them as sisters).

Some of the girls wanted to dress up, some of them weren’t too sure about it. We arrived early at the Faire and headed in to watch a Juggler and start the Queen’s Quest, where you follow riddle clues and collect the Queen’s hair ribbons which have been scattered around the grounds.

We saw some really neat goods in tents, smelled some amazing foods. Some of the girls shot bows and arrows at the archery range. All of them got up on stage with the Gypsy Camp and learned a few belly dancing moves. We danced around the May pole, chatted with the Queen, feasted on fresh bread and turkey legs, tried “real” root beer (the girls were not fans), one of the girls was almost drafted as a servant, we saw a 33lb bunny, a giant and beautiful owl, hawks, horses, peacocks, and a parade.

I had a blast. I think the girls did too.

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