Monday, June 17, 2013

Off the Bucket List: Summer Reading Program


Ok, first off, I would totally be lying through my teeth if I said that Little Bird read these books. I read them all to her. We reread a lot of them. She would “read” pages she had memorized OR (my favorite) use the pictures and flip through the book giving me a retelling in her own words. Some of them we read enough she could just about recite the whole thing. So essentially, the summer reading program was an opportunity for us to learn about the library system, get some new books to read (and get rid of when I got sick of rereading them), and get excited about some solid non-fiction books.

Today we happened to magically show up at the Library right before the scheduled Story Time. Mom win! I love it when luck makes it look like I’m better at filling up the summer days with good activities. Today was all about bugs. They sang songs, did storytelling with pictures, read several books, and danced. Score! By the way, the story time room is amazing. You can see the animal mural and there is a giant tree they go inside for story time.


After story time, we picked out our next six books and turned in our completed 20 list for our prize.

Here are the 20 books we have read so far this summer. Any with a * by it is one I loved and highly recommend.

  1. Little Owl Lost*
  2. The Little Red Hen*
  3. The Bremen Town Musicians
  4. Who Needs Love?
  5. The Moon Might Be Milk*
  6. Girl, You’re Amazing!*
  7. Over the Green Hills
  8. It Looked Like Spilt Milk*
  9. The Toll-Bridge Troll
  10. Wabi Sabio
  11. Slippery, Slimy Baby Frogs* (lots of mating information in here, FYI)
  12. Iron Hans
  13. Lady Bug, Lady Bug
  14. Different Like Coco*
  15. Creepy Things are Scaring Me
  16. Home Sweet Home*
  17. If the Dinosaurs Came Back
  18. Who Says Women Can’t be Doctors?
  19. What is an Athlete?
  20. The King’s Stilts*

So, the library dished out their prizes today to a very enthusiastic 3 year old. Here is Little Bird holding her 20 book prize of a Prairie Dog she named Sophia.


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