Friday, June 7, 2013

My Weight Story

Ok, so a long long time ago, when I started college, I weighted between 120 and 125lb. I ate healthily and was pretty active, but I was a stick.


In college, I gained what I like to call my Freshman 10. I weighed between 130 and 135. I ate pretty crappily, but I was active and felt like I actually looked far healthier than I had before. People didn’t ask me if I had an eating disorder or bug me about being underweight anymore. I liked it.

Then I got pregnant, gained some weight, had a miscarriage, and became immediately pregnant afterwards. I gained 30lb by the day before Evelyn’s birth. 165lbs.

After Little Bird got here, we were a busy family! I was trying to work really hard to finish college and graduate as well as find a job and Doc was in medical school. Around our daughter’s 1st birthday we decided to do p90x to get both of us back in shape. I had managed to get my weight down to about 135-140, but wasn’t as toned as I wanted to be.

We got 60 days into our 90 day workout challenge, and OOPS! Pregnant again! So I backed off the workouts and just continued to stay active.

With Rowan, I gained 30 lbs and ended up right at 170 when all 9lb 3oz of him was born.

I tried to eat healthily, especially since I was pumping while he was in the hospital. But sitting by someone’s bedside for 4 months doesn’t allow you to exercise much. When Rowan was home, I was a full time nurse mom with my daughter to take care of as well. I didn’t sleep, let alone exercise. I couldn’t leave the house to go grocery shopping so I was at the mercy of whatever someone could bring to my house. I hit about 140 and stayed there. I didn’t look bad, but I knew I wasn’t fit and I desperately wanted to get back in really good shape, ALL the way back to my original pre-pregnancy weight.

SO…I don’t mind my stretch marks, and I apologize if they offend you, but here is the change I saw and wanted to see in my body.

I started my really serious work in January. I worked out as often as I could and started really watching what I ate. I cut out a lot of extra carbs and tried to up my fruits and vegetables. I drank more water. I started at 137lb. I knew that 135 might be the best I could do, but it took me two months to get there. This was me at 135lb in March.


Then I really ramped it up. I started Les Mills Combat training and found my groove. Weight training added into the cardio really started giving me the toning results I wanted and I FELT strong again. This was me at the beginning of May, and you can tell by my expression that I was thinking “not bad, lady, not bad at all.” This was me at 132.


Since then I’ve been maintaining my healthy foods and exercising. I bike with a trailer to take Little Bird to and from the playground and dance class. I do weight training when I watch TV. I try to get a little cardio in now and then even though it’s harder now that it’s summer and my daughter is home all day. Two weeks ago, I hit it. 130lb. My weight I love and feel healthiest and strongest at. The weight where I love my pictures and the way clothing fits. Normal weight according to BMI for me should be somewhere between 18.5 and 24.9. My current weight puts me at 21.6. I definitely don’t feel like I need to lose anymore! I’m there!

It’s been 18 months since I gave birth to Rowan. It’s been a solid 5-6 months of really hard work to lost 7 lbs. I’m happy that I kept at it. I didn’t think I could drop down to 130 again, but I did it healthily and am proud that I stuck to it!

Just to compare, here is me in 2005 and then me now, 7 years and two 9lb + babies later in 2013.

Me in 2005



  1. Elle this is so inspiring! You look so great!! So happy for you and envious! You did what SO many struggle to achieve, myself included. You're a rock solid hot mama.

  2. 6 months to lose 7 lbs. Slow and steady, but I got there! Grrrrrr!