Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Little Bird’s Enchanted Forest

Little Bird is finally going to get a room that is painted!  I love the bird theme of her current room, but I want to make is something with a cleaner look that can grow with her a little better. 

While walking into a boutique in downtown Jenks, I stumbled upon a design feature used in their store that made me stare open-mouthed for 15 minutes while I studied it.  There, above the register, was a large beautifully sanded piece of tree that had been suspended above the ceiling and laced with sporadic leaves and dangling merchandise.  All I could think was “Enchanted Forest”.

And the idea was born!

We will be painting the room a very pale celery green, brighter than a sage, but still very subtle.  The trim will stay white, but we’re going to delve into the “forest” idea.

Using the color palette I love from Little Bird’s Big Girl Quilt, I’m going to put together a room with an enchanted feel.





And this is where the room went!


You can see the tree that I built up around one corner.  There are flowers, butterflies, and birds woven through out the tree.  The pictures throw perspective off because of the dimensions of the room.  The tree looks much bigger in person!  Little Bird already points out birds and flowers and talks about the things in her new tree.

Her room features a mirror to dance in front of, a reading area, some actual art (thanks Uncle Alex and Aunt Katie), decal flower gardens, and will soon feature a stump turned night stand to keep her star projector and favorite bedtime story on.



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  1. I'm taking a bit of a note out of your book here. If we can get a house after the move, I want to do a forest theme in Arabella's room. I can't lie though, it's probably going to be a bit more girly than Evie's, but I'm not sure I could help myself. Maybe purple walls and some fairies around the room :)