Sunday, June 12, 2011

Just Married (again)

Despite the fact that the Gulf Coast is commonly referred to as the “Redneck Riviera”, we had a spectacular trip there with 5 of our friends.  We piled into two cars for the long drive last Saturday and spent a whole week on the beach.

We saw dolphins, fish, flounder, alligators, great herons, sting rays, jellyfish, urchins, you name it!  We snorkeled, kayaked, swam, putt-putted, boogy-boarded, relaxed, and enjoyed the company of a group where there is never a dull moment.

We ate sandwiches, snacks, delicious local bar food, and finished the trip off with a fantastic steak dinner (with my favorite weird waiter ever).

We also renewed our vows.

We wanted to renew our vows to one another in a super small, intimate setting.  It was really more for just us.  So on the last day of our trip, we headed down to the shore at sunset.  With our lovely officient and four witnesses, we enjoyed a candid, personal ceremony – just us – reminding each other what we stand for.

And what better time to renew our sworn devotion to our family as it continues to grow.

We are thrilled to let our friends and family in on our little secret.

We are expecting another little Fowlington in just 26 short weeks.

Little Bird will be a big sister, and we’ll be parents to our two little ones!

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  1. Congrats!!!!! That is SOO exciting!!!!!! Your little family is growing by 2 more feet!!! Love the renewing vow idea on the beach, just beautiful :)