Wednesday, March 17, 2010

I'm Going As Green as I Can!

Is it easy being green? Is it easy eating health? Can you, that's right you! Can you do it? Here's the truth. I am not 100% all organic, green, healthy. I'm doing little things that I can to protect my mother earth, live healthier, and promote good habits for my family. So now the blog takes a new shift. Here's how I do green. Let's start with something we all do~ Grocery Shopping! Here is my grocery list; what I bought and where I bought it from. I took my handy cloth grocery bags along with me.

Today's grocery list:

From Wal-Mart:

Black Beans (2 cans) wish I could buy uncooked beans, but working mom doesn't allow for experimenting with that yet
Uncle Ben's Original Recipe Wild Rice
Multi-grain tortilla chips
Kashi Roasted Garlic Crackers

Mangos (2)
Gala Apples (2)
Kiwis (2)
Organic Celery
Organic Roma Tomatoes
Bell Peppers
Lemon Juice
Frozen Corn not in season yet
Frozen Edamame not in season yet

Brie Cheese
Natural Swiss Cheese
Queso Fresco

Dove Dark Chocolate Candies (for my post dinner cravings for desert!)
Frozen Orange Chicken "meal in a bag" dinner I'm not cooking from scratch EVERY night!
Chocolate Soy Milk

Dishwashing liquid

From Harvard Meats, A Local, Organic Butcher:
2 lb Chicken Breast (boneless, skinless)
1 lb Boneless Pork Chop
1 lb Jalepeno Cheddar Cheese

Pros: LOOK AT THAT PRODUCE LIST! I'm doing great this week on planning meals that include fresh produce! Here are the meals on the menu for the week:

Stuffed Bell Peppers
Fiesta Potatoes
Pork and Rice
Chicken, Black Bean, and Mango salsa
Orange Chicken

Cheese and crackers, fruit salad, vegetable salad

Ok, I felt really stupid halfway through grocery shopping when I realized that I was using those plastic produce bags. What's the point in cloth bags if you use all of those produce bags? Not doing it next time!

Also, you may be wondering about lunches! Lunches are generally left overs. There are only 2 of us that eat off this food, so there are normally extras.

Walmart Total: $66.81
Butcher Total: $30.56
Week Meal Total (not including our night out with friends): $97.37

Not bad. And affordable. Meals for the week will be posted as I make them. So you can decide. Is it easy? Can you do it?

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  1. cool. we buy a lot of the same groceries! I LOVE Gala apples...they're the only kind I buy! lol Love Kashi too! I wish we lived closer to share meal ideas :( I miss you green friend. you are a good influence on me so keep it up! haha