Monday, March 4, 2013

Feminist Rant for the Week

First of all, let me say that Diane Rehm is wonderful. She did a spectacularly thought provoking broadcast about the Feminine Mystique that you should find on and give a listen.

We’ve come a very long way in the last half century, but there are still constant little things that I feel we need to push onward.

This week I’d like to address something that punches my gut at least once a month.

“Dr. and Mrs. Matthew F-------.”

I understand that this is old school ettiquette. Regardless, I don’t like it.

Before I married my husband, it would have been addressed to “Dr. Matthew F------ and Ms. Elle M--------”. I was allowed to count as an entire first name! Lucky me!

I should clarify that “Dr. and Mrs. F----“ doesn’t bother me. My husband is firstnameless as well.

When we married, I insisted that we be announced as “Mr. and Mrs. Matt and Elle F----“ because I didn’t understand why anyone would reduce me to “and Mrs.” just because I’d married.

It was hard enough for me to decide to change my last name to my husbands. I do like that our little family shares the same surname, but it was a difficult decision for me. I still fight it a little by insisting on “Fowlington” as the name for our little clan, even if it isn’t on our passports.

Maybe your grandma or grandpa would be aghast if you sent out invitations or mail addressed to “Mr. and Mrs. Grandpa and Grandma Surname”, but I doubt that very many woman would be upset to see their first name on the envelope too. I certainly enjoy it.

Just a thought.

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