Sunday, March 24, 2013

Adventures in Tulsa: Postoak Canopy Tour

Despite Doc and I’s shared fear of heights, we completed the Postoak Canopy Zipline Tours without crying, throwing up, passing out, angrily screaming at anyone, or otherwise totally freaking out.zipline

It was in the mid 30’s outside with very little wind and a constant mist of rain. We dressed warmly and honestly did just fine until maybe the last two legs of the zipline.

We booked an early start time, mostly so we wouldn’t have to feel the looming terror of doing something that is completely against survival instincts all day long. At 9:00 we were climbing three very steep and high sets of stairs to our first platform.

269246_zipline oklahoma tulsa sand springs osage county_23_03_2013 09_02 AM

Doc went first. He climbed onto the launch platform. In the picture below we are standing on the top of the tower, but you still step up onto the platform pictured before you take off. 269259_zipline oklahoma tulsa sand springs osage county_23_03_2013 09_58 AM

You aren’t supposed to launch yourself off. You more just sit your weight low into your harness and allow gravity to get you going. It’s plenty sufficient. So after a very brief pause to look down, Doc was off!

269252_zipline oklahoma tulsa sand springs osage county_23_03_2013 09_41 AM

Well I couldn’t very well chicken out after that, so just a few moments later, I stood up on the platform. I tried to focus on the view. It was beautiful. Hills. Streams. All that junk that I’d normally think was awesome if I wasn’t about to fly over it all. And fly I did!

269255_zipline oklahoma tulsa sand springs osage county_23_03_2013 09_43 AM

They have “break blocks” at the end of each line so that you can slow down and not slam into the giant tree at the end of each line. I found myself holding my breath at the end of each zip waiting to smack into it. It wasn’t ever super jarring or bad, but for some reason I kept expecting it to be. Next time, I’m going to yell “POW” every time I hit one.

The guides were great. An awesome pairing of the guy who tells those jokes teens love to roll their eyes at (and who also happened to be a Sooner Fan) coupled with the slightly quieter and more casual conversationalist. You can guess who was who from the picture below.

269245_zipline oklahoma tulsa sand springs osage county_23_03_2013 08_52 AM

They took photos for us, which was awesome. You can take your own camera, but I’m glad we didn’t. It wouldn’t have been fun to mess with.

We had a great time and will definitely try to go back when the weather is closer to the mid 80s later this year. I think next time we will be able to relax a bit more and just embrace the rush. There was a bit more…shivering…because of the temperature this time. Warmer weather might tempt me to wave my arms about more.

SO – you have to weigh between 70-250lbs. You can’t be pregnant. You can’t have severe allergic reactions, heart problems, super severe asmtha, etc. It’s a two hour deal and once you start zipping, there isn’t really an exit until you complete the course. Even if you are afraid of heights, if you can make it past the first zip, you will enjoy yourself.

I’m really happy Tulsa had this to offer us! Adventure Complete!

Next up: …TBA

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