Friday, October 12, 2012

Piggies and Paws


When Rowan was on Hospice, I told you guys about the amazing gift we received from Mended Little Hearts of Tulsa. They wanted to grant us a wish for Rowan since he wasn’t old enough for the Make a Wish Foundation. We ended up asking to have a Piggies and Paws artist come do beautiful hand/footprint art for us so that we would have beautiful images of Rowan’s hand and footprints as well as the rest of our families in our home to celebrate his life. We love that we can show them to Evelyn and that she remembers making them.

Doc and I were talking a lot about ways to raise gift cards. And something popped into my mind. What if we did a Piggies and Paws party! I contacted the artist who amazingly came out on short notice to do the artwork for our family. We worked on some scheduling issues and agreed on a date.

On Nov. 13th from 6-8pm we are having a Piggies and Paws party! I’m asking that everyone who comes brings a gift card for “Admission” that we can donate to families this holiday who have children in the hospital and are away from their homes.

The artwork can be rushed to have it ready in time for Christmas if anyone wants to do these for grandparents (it makes a great gift). The actual artwork ranges in price, from $25 and up. Most of them are around $30 or so.

I do need to know if people are planning on coming so the artist can bring an appropriate amount of supplies.

There will be snacks and such provided as well as toys/activities set up in a different room for children when they aren’t doing their prints.

I hope to see you there!

(You can comment if you are coming, text me, email me, etc.)

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