Thursday, September 27, 2012

Challenge Week 2: Leeks


Okay. This sounded way scarier than it was. Leeks are basically a mellow onion. I decided to sauté them. Martha Stewart’s website had lots of suggestions for cooking leeks. I decided to go with one that was leeks and gala apples. Basically, you cut up the leeks (normally they are bunched in two or three and I found that two leeks was plenty). You cook them for about 6 minutes  until they soften but stir them a lot because they burn really easily.

This smelled up the entire house in the best way. I love the smell of cooking onions, but it’s a bit overwhelming sometimes. Cooking leeks is slightly muted. After you cook the leeks, throw in about 3 gala apples chopped up into little pieces. Cook for about three minutes. Be prepared for something that smells like harvest heaven.

Next, I went once around the pan with Red Wine Vinegar and Honey. Then I salt and peppered it. It was fantastic and oddly filling. This is a side dish I’ll be throwing in frequently this fall. Ms. Martha suggests pairing with pork tenderloin, but I think you could serve this alone with some grilled corn or a baked potato and make a meatless meal out of it.

Leeks: piece of cake. Ready to attempt a soup or something else.

Next week: Chard

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