Sunday, February 5, 2012

Why I Believe Mollie Mills is Changing Lives

We all know that the Obesity Epidemic is something we hear about a lot.  There are all sorts of programs in schools designed to prevent the rising battle with weight even students as young as 5th adn 6th grade are happening.

But I truly believe no program can inspire a child like an honest mentor can.  One of my co-workers, Mollie Mills, is in a contest right now to lose weight and live healthier.  She has been working hard for several months to lose weight through healthy choices and exercise.  This woman has the strength and courage to reach her goal weight and she has even been brave enough to be a leader and share her struggle with her students.

Here you can read what one of her students actually wrote to her.

She is truly inspiring and I believe adults like her are truly the solution to helping children live healthier.  If you agree, all you have to do to vote for her is click the green thumb to "like" her posts.  You can go back through her old ones to vote as well.

Thank you Mollie!

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