Thursday, February 16, 2012


To all the wonderful people we truly can call friend, who have stayed with us despite the length of this medical nightmare.  Know that we are ever grateful.  I couldn't have more pride in those around us who have kept us sane and constantly reminded us that though we are physically alone here in St. Louis, we are not forgotten.

My Friends

My friends are the family that truly love me unconditionally.
My friends are the ones I FIGHT beside.
They can be blood
Or not.
They DIVE in when the water is rough.
They don't pity
Or cower.
They LEAP into action.
The don't FEAR what they can or cannot do.
My friends are fierce.
They can CALM you in chaos.
They can soften your HEART in hardships.
But they never stop reminding you
That they are ever present.
Ever reliable.
Ever an EAR
They do not give up.  They do not abandon.
They don't leave you to fight alone.
My friends aren't familiar with benches
For the sidelines are for strangers.

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