Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Trick Or Treat Weekend



This year’s Halloween activities were so much fun!  Despite the amazing year we had last year, who would have thought this year Little Bird would be so grown up?  Proof that parenthood just gets better and better.


We bought her a feedbag from Carmike’s Pumpkin Patch and walked around to see all of the animals.  She was afraid to let them eat out of her hand, but tried to be brave a few times.  Eventually, she would just put food in my hand or in her Grandma’s hand and tell us which animal she wanted us to give it to.



In September, we took Little Bird to her first Scottish Games, and the pony ride was TERRIFYING for her.  But just a few weeks later, she saw the horses, and decided she was going to ride them!  She jumped in line, and when it was her turn to get on, walked right up to the horse, climbed up, and held on like she’d been preparing for this moment.IMG_3556

She didn’t giggle hysterically, or smile from ear to ear, or cry, but she had a smug little smirk on her face as if she was very proud of herself.  We didn’t even have to walk beside her as they went around.  How did she get so big?


IMG_3761Halloween weekend we spent with our family.  Grandma helped Little Bird carve her first pumpkin by scooping out the guts.  Little Bird thought the pumpkins were “icky” and “eeewww” so she wasn’t too interested in helping her aunts, Grandparents, and mom and dad carve pumpkins.  Instead, she focused on filling a large bucket with all of the IMG_3787crab apple seeds and acorns she could find.  Then she dumped them out, and recollected.  We did have fun with the pumpkin carving.  In honor of this fall, I carved a squirrel and acorn for Little Bird and I’s pumpkins for all the squirrel chasing we’ve done.  Doc carved a tree, until he became fascinated with a corkscrew and decided to explore the art of tiny holes in pumpkin.  The rest of the family stuck to faces, with the exception of Aunt Meredith who made an awesome dragon.

IMG_3914The next night it was time for Trick or Treating.  Little Bird IMG_3916wore “mommy made it costume II” this year.  She was a peacock!  I had some extra ribbon from a wreath I made that I turned into a skirt.  Add some feathers and a little headband and viola!  We only made it to a few houses, but Little Bird LOVED getting to get candy from people and even though we didn’t get a “trick or treat” out of her, we got lots of “thank you”s and “bye”s.  I tagged along as “Supermom”.  I was surprised by how many comments I got from other parents about my costume.  Apparently, I should market the “Supermom” pregnancy costume.  We had a wonderful Halloween season and I cannot wait for next year when we need a wagon to take our TWO children out and about!


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