Wednesday, October 5, 2011

A Little piece of Heaven




I think October might be my favorite month of the year because it is always so soothing, despite the fact that it is the beginning of the busiest time of the year. 

Our family has been extremely lucky this month too.  Doc decided to give up the week of vacation we were hoping he could take to spend some time together as a family before Rowan’s arrival in December due to the fact that he will have to take unpaid leave past his limited vacation dates to be with us when Rowan arrives or present for his surgeries or recovery.  While this was just one sacrifice we thought we’d have to make, we’ve been extremely fortunate in that his schedule this month has afforded him an amazing amount of family time.

He only was scheduled one weekend to work, so we have every weekend together this month.  We spent some time as a family Sunday and realized it was the first day we had had together in over two months.  Doc has been home mid-afternoon, meaning we can take Little Bird to the park and enjoy family time in a way that has not been possible for the last few months.

On our first date in Stillwater, Doc took me to a park.  We stood on top of the jungle gym and watched a few kids playing nearby.  Doc said something super corny.  Doc told me that he thought that was what heaven must feel like.  Even on our first date together, we felt a sense of peace just being together and being outside, watching carefree kiddos play felt, well, heavenly.

IMG_3184As we played in Woodward Park with our daughter on Sunday, Doc grabbed my hand as Little Bird took off towards a tree yelling “Squirrel!  I see you!  Come here!” and said “You know, I was wrong on our first date.  I think this is it.  It’s even better when it’s your kid.”





Right now, our family is happy.







Right now, we are together and we are healthy.




And right now, that is enough to make everything feel like heaven.

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