Saturday, May 7, 2011

Some people ain’t me

You may have heard that one of the famous playwrights and musical masterminds of the day passed away recently.  In his honor, NPR has been talking about some of his most famous projects lately, one of which being the musical Gypsy.  They played this excerpt from the song “Some People” at the beginning of the musical that I love.  Gotta love Rose’s sass.


Bernadette Peters in the revival of Gypsy as Rose

Anybody that stays home is dead
If I die it won't be from sitting
It will be from fighting to get up and get out!

Some people can get a thrill
knitting sweaters and sitting still.
That's okay for some people
who don't know they're alive.

Some people can thrive and bloom
living life in the living room.
That's perfect for some people
of one hundred and five.

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