Sunday, April 11, 2010

Plan Q

Taking a break from my exciting Earth Momma life, I'm shifting gears...sort of. As many of you know, I am about to graduate college. Yay! Five years of hard work, including getting married and having a baby, and I'm finally done. Only problem is, my field of study is education and there are NO JOBS! So, I was inspired by the farmers market this weekend (which rocked and has expanded and includes a spice booth...but I'll blog that story later) and I am contemplating starting my own business. You see in 2 months (omg!) Evelyn will be eating solid food. I will be making organic baby food in my kitchen....and I thought...I could sell organic baby food at the farmers market! I could start my own business and make organic baby food out of local produce to sell at the farmers market and maybe a few of the green baby stores around town. So now I'm starting the hairy investigative process of finding out what I need to do to make a product safely and market it. Updates to follow, but I'm kinda excited about the idea. It meshes my Earth Momma ideas with a job that would let me work at home with Evelyn and any future babies I might also need to help watch :)

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